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Few companies in any industry match the reputation of Edelbrock. Founded on the dry lakes of California in 1938, Edelbrock helped launch the automotive performance industry and has been a leader all these years.

Fast-forward to 2017 and you still see a company still powering vehicles of all types.

New 2017 Edelbrock Catalog
Flipping through the new 2017 Edelbrock catalog, both history and technology practically drip off the pages. And there are plenty of pages to drool over – 236 pages to be exact. Not too long ago, Edelbrock used to charge a small fee their catalogs. It wasn’t uncommon for the company to open envelopes with quarters and pennies tapped to pieces of paper.

But today, the new catalog is available for free. You can order a paper version or view a digitized version on this page: You can also visit their website for product details, owners manuals and tech help.

2017 Product Highlights
The new catalog contains over 450 new products – the most in any one year. Here is a quick summary of our favorite new products:

Performer II Series Carburetor: Probably the biggest internal change since launching the original Performer Series Carburetor in the 1990’s, the new Performer II Series provides improved fuel atomization through it’s “annular booster”. The graphic below does a good job of illustrating the improvement. Where you will really notice the annual booster is when you first transition from idle to full throttle – the new design eliminates those frustrating “flat spots”.
edelbrock annular booster

GM LS Intakes: The GM LS engine is probably the most popular platform for engine swaps, racing and other high performance uses. The engines are plentiful whether in a used vehicle, salvage yards or bought new from GM. The performance industry has also fully embraced the LS platforms and Edelbrock was an early source of LS-based aftermarket products. For 2017 check out the new racing intakes for the Chevrolet LS7 and Edelbrock’s own LS-R cylinder heads.

E-Force Superchargers: If you’ve not had the pleasure of getting pinned to the seat of a vehicle equipped with an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger, too bad! We love that Edlebrock started with intakes for Ford Flatheads using 2 barrel carburetors and today sells the latest technology in complete supercharger systems (by the way, they still sell the original Slingshot intake and new 2bbl reproduction carburetors).

New E-Force Superchargers applications include 2015-16 Jeep Wrangler, 2015-17 Ford Mustang, 2017 GM 1500 Silverado, Sierra and SUV and of course the 2017 Corvettes (including the ZO6). For you SCCA types, there is also a new E-Force for the Mazda Miata.

Max-Fire Ignition: Edelbrock knows all that optimized air flow won’t be of much benefit if you can’t get maximum voltage from your ignition system. So be sure to take a look at the new Max-Fire line of spark plug wires. There are two levels of products: one for the “daily driver” and the other for more high-performance applications. We’ll be posting more about this new line in a few weeks.

What started as a small shop near Hollywood now spans five locations in southern California and one location in North Carolina totaling more than 500,000 square feet. “Made in the USA” is not a motto at Edelbrock – it’s just how they do business.

Edelbrock has supported generations of gearheads, racers and DIY auto enthusiasts. The new 2017 catalog is a testament to family heritage, continuous focus on the customer and “Made in the USA” performance.

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Founded in 1938, Torrance-based Edelbrock, LLC is recognized as one of the nation’s premier designers, manufacturers and distributor of performance replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket. Edelbrock produces their core products in the United States of America using state-of-the-art equipment in their world class manufacturing facilities. Edelbrock, LLC encompasses five locations in Southern California and one location in North Carolina totaling more than 500,000 square feet. For more information, visit