A Bronco Body with a Raptor Suspension?

It’s a Bronco! No, it’s a Raptor!


Ford Raptor Bronco


Ford’s Raptor and Bronco are arguably the two most recognizable nameplates from the manufacturer after the Mustang. So what happens when you add the two together, specifically the body of a Bronco and the suspension of a Raptor? Something unexpected and awesome.

The guys at Tumblin Auto decided to mash these two beasts together to create one great setup. Of course, no build would be complete without some testing. The team took the Raptor-Bronco on some trails to test flexibility and had some clearance problems. They trimmed the fenders to see if that would help but still found issues. But if that’s the only problem, we say this is a mashup done right!

In the video, you can see how the suspension is working overtime just to keep the massive tires on the ground, but it works. The Bronco has a short wheelbase to begin with, making it a fan favorite for off-roaders back in the ’90s, but when you add the Raptor’s shocks, it offers up an insanely stable trail ride. What else would we do to this epic build? Maybe add more power or exhaust, even trim the fenders a hair more. This video leaves us with just one question: What other two vehicles would make a good mashup?


See the Raptor-Bronco in Action