Baer Grizzly Front-Brake System for the Ford Mustang

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The Grizzly is the next evolution of monoblock brake systems designed to offer a substantial improvement over today’s larger, more modern brake systems found on late-model vehicles. The Grizzly is a large-format monoblock caliper machined out of one solid piece of aerospace-grade aluminum and features top-loaded pads (with removable bridge), castellated pistons, and dust and weather seals to meet DOT specifications.

Baer Grizzly front brakes

The Grizzly system for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang will include the GR6 calipers (standard finish of red, black, or silver; custom color available), 15″ x 1.4” 72-vane directional rotors, full floating hats, brackets, and pads. This is a complete direct bolt-on system that is matched to the factory hydraulic system, so no master cylinder change is needed. Visit to purchase this system for only $4,795.

All Grizzly systems feature 72-vane rotors that are cast and machined in the USA!

Baer Grizzly Mustang front brakes


– Designed for 15” rotors, 1.4” thick
– Monoblock design proves unparalleled strength and light weight
– 2-piece rotor castings are purpose-built and directional, featuring 72 directional vanes
– Full-floating rotor hardware


Installing Baer Front Brakes on a Mustang GT


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