Storyteller Overland Celebrates 5 Years with Launch of ‘Retro OG MODE’

G Thang

Storyteller Overland, an industry leader in the class B RV and super C RV manufacturing space, is celebrating its five year anniversary with the launch of a limited-edition adventure van, called the “Retro OG MODE.”

storyteller overland

When Storyteller Overland began operations in 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama, its adventure vans built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter platform had a Selenite Grey Metallic body with the classic Storyteller orange sunset pinstriping along the side. Only 17 models in this color scheme were produced. After its first year with this color scheme, the “Classic MODE” became either Arctic White or Pebble Grey with orange sunset pinstriping, and a new “Stealth MODE” model utilized the Selenite Grey Metallic color with matte black Storyteller branding.

In celebration of five years manufacturing adventure vehicles for adventure enthusiasts all over the country, Storyteller Overland is bringing back this color scheme for a limited-edition “Retro OG MODE” model. Although the exterior is reminiscent of 2018, the interior has all of the upgrades customers love about the 2024 lineup, including the all-new M-Power™ Energy System now Powered By Lithionics®. Storyteller will only produce 17 of these special anniversary vans, an homage to the original 17 in this color scheme.

As the team at Storyteller Overland reflects on the past five years, there is much to be proud of. Since the original MODE van release, the company has added new trim options, including the Mystic MODE, the Beast MODE, and the MODE LT. The launch of the HILT propelled Storyteller into the adventure truck space, and the acquisition of three subsidiaries (GoCamp, Flarespace and Global Expedition Vehicles) has built a galaxy of services for adventure enthusiasts to take advantage of. From seven to more than 170 employees, Storyteller Overland has seen exponential growth in five years. And through the crazy demand of the COVID era to the market correction of 2023, Storyteller has stayed true to its unique, no-haggle See-Through Pricing model, which is unlike anything else in the industry.

“We’re going to continue to grow and evolve and improve, and we’re going to continue using every beat of our heart and every resource that we have at our disposal to grow and expand our community and bring as many people along for that journey as we can,” said Storyteller Overland CEO Jeffrey Hunter. “By the time people realize that we’ve put our flag on the moon, we’re going to be heading on to Mars.”

The Retro OG MODE will be available at select dealerships starting today. To reserve your limited edition vehicle, contact Storyteller Overland here.