IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hubs

On The Mark, Every Time

Racers who require a removable steering wheel can now be assured of precise wheel centering every time, with the IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hub, which now comes standard with a Centering Pin.

IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hubs

IDIDIT Performance has upgraded all of its 5- and 6-bolt steering hubs to include a centering pin as part of the quick-release hub that allows the steering wheel to be smoothly engaged with the spline in the same position every time. This allows racers to quickly and repeatably position their steering wheels prior to competition.

IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hubs

IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hubs

“These new Quick-Release Steering Hubs ease ingress and egress from driver compartments, and also serve as a low-cost security option when the steering wheel is removed from the vehicle,” notes Trever Cornwell of IDIDIT. “The removable locating pin allows the hub to quickly align with the spline, making centering the steering wheel trouble-free.”

The centering pin is removable for drivers who prefer a non-centered configuration, as is popular in circle track and Sprint Car racing. All IDIDIT Performance pull-type quick-release hubs are SFI certified.

IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hubs

The hubs include tight machining tolerances eliminating backlash in the steering wheel for very tight steering and feel. A steel spline on an aluminum hub means no binding of the quick-release mechanism when installing or removing the wheel, and the pull ring is made of anodized aluminum for weight savings.

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