American Powertrain Carries Prestige Motorsports Custom Engines

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American Powertrain, the world’s largest TREMEC dealer and manufacturer of muscle car transmission systems and related components, now offers custom engines from Prestige Motorsports.

Located in Concord, North Carolina, Prestige Motorsports specializes in custom performance crate engines to order for Ford, Chevy, Mopar (small and big block), Gen III Hemi and LS/LT. The complete turn-key package includes the engine, transmission, cooling system and fueling system, all in one crate.

american powertrain prestige motorsports

Every engine is built to order and comes with:

Comprehensive Installation Package
Custom Configuration
Part-for-Part Component Breakdown
Dyno Testing for Proven Performance
3-Year Warranty (or 1-Year Warranty for Value-Series Engines)

American Powertrain works directly with Prestige Motorsports to ensure each engine and transmission package matches up perfectly for your next build.


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ABOUT American Powertrain®

American Powertrain exists to help muscle car owners equip their cars with modern drivetrain technology, offering overdrive transmission systems, hydraulic clutch kits and a wide range of drivetrain related parts from diff to block. Since American Powertrain opened for business we have quickly become the world’s largest TREMEC dealer. Our installation parts and systems are proudly made right here in America for unmatched quality.Our staff of highly experienced enthusiasts has years of experience helping car owners and builders make the right drivetrain choices.