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Horsepower Gains From Royal Purple

Almost 10 years ago, HorsePower TV released a video in which they show a Chevy ZZ4 gain 8 horsepower on the dyno by switching the 10W30 oil to Royal Purple 5W30.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple

Naturally, this video created some controversy in many Internet forums. See the video for yourself:

Video | HorsePower TV Dynos a Chevy ZZ4 & Gains 8 HP

Hot Rod Magazine TV posted a video with a similar comparo, also in 2010. Hot Rod Magazine, substituting Royal Purple synthetic for the conventional oils in a Mustang’s engine, transmission and rear end. The result was a horsepower increase from 408.3 to 418.4 when measured at the wheels. Here’s the video:

Video | Hot Rod Magazine TV and Royal Purple Test

Synthetics have been shown to produce less resistance in the engine. Royal Purple’s formula is specifically designed to increase “film strength,” or the the oil’s ability to keep moving parts from touching in the first place.

Royal Purple

A more efficient engine will likely perform at the same level using less gas. And so perhaps Royal Purple can add horsepower after all.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple

Royal Purple

Consider do a bit of research to select the right synthetic for your type of driving. Here’s an overview of some of Royal Purple’s most popular types of oils:

API (API-certified): vehicles under warranty

HPS (High Performance Street): High-performance vehicles or vehicles with modified engines

XPR (eXtreme Performance Racing): Racing – NASCAR, NHRA, World of Outlawas, Bonneville, etc

HMX (High Mileage): Older cars with high-mileage

Royal Purple also has one non-synthetic, its Break-In Oil, recommended for 2,000 miles on a new car.


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