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Bicycles and kayaks are a lot more fun when you can take them with you when you hit the great outdoors. Summit Racing’s Tailgate Pad, Bike Rack, and Kayak Rack let you transport your gear safely without busting your adventure budget.

Summit Racing Tailgate Pad

summit racing bike rack
Most mid-size and some full-size truck beds are too small to fit full-size bikes standing up. That usually means laying the bikes down in the bed or hanging the bikes off the tailgate, which can damage both the bikes and the tailgate if you don’t secure them properly.

Made from durable waterproof polyester, Summit Racing’s Tailgate Pad fits over your tailgate and has cradles with hook-and-loop fasteners transport up to five bikes. Three pull straps slide between the tailgate and bed that hold the pad in place when tightened. The underside of the pad has a soft flannel layer to protect your tailgate. The Summit Racing Tailgate Pad also has waterproof zippered storage pockets with hook-and-loop flaps, and a tailgate handle access panel.

Summit Racing Trunk Bike Rack

summit racing trunk rack
Don’t have a pickup or a big SUV to haul your bikes? Then check out the Trunk Bike Rack. Made from heavy-duty steel tubing with stainless steel hardware, the rack holds two bikes. It has integrated anti-sway cradles that prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-car contact, adjustable rubber straps to secure most bike frame sizes, and adjustable quick-release ratcheting arms. The Summit Racing Trunk Bike Rack has six nylon pull straps to secure the rack to your vehicle plus soft padding to protect your vehicle’s paint. The rack also folds flat for easy transport and storage when not in use.

Summit Racing Kayak Rack

Their Kayak Rack safely secures a kayak to the roof of a vehicle with integrated roof rails. The J-style cradles have soft padding to prevent damage and movement. Each J-cradle has two mounting brackets with tightening knobs to secure it to square, round, or oval crossbars (not included). Two adjustable 1 inch by 10 foot nylon straps with clamps are included for secure the kayak in place. The cradles are made from durable steel tubing with stainless steel hardware with a black painted finish.


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