Spied: New DieHard Max Battery

Performance Battery Spotted Testing

In late January at the MPMC (Motorsport Parts Manufacturing Council) media event in Los Angeles, rumors began swirling about DieHard launching a new Pure Lead AGM (Absorbant GlassMat) battery targeting a market it once dominated: the performance aftermarket. While official DieHard corporate photos don’t exist, a DieHard performance battery was spotted during testing of the Kenny Brown Mustang Cobra racing at a recent NASA event. By all accounts, it looked to be DieHard’s next-generation Pure Lead AGM high-performance battery.


Kenny Brown Cobra race car


While we were unable to get an official comment from DieHard, but it is believed that the new battery will feature class-leading power and reliability—two important attributes closely linked to the legendary brand. If all accounts are correct, the new DieHard max-performance battery may incorporate Smart Technology. According to an anonymous source, there could be a launch of a new DieHard battery later this year.


DieHard Max battery


When pressed, Kenny Brown had no official comment on testing the DieHard battery in the Kenny Brown Mustang race car other than, “You have to watch out when you start this thing, the battery has enough power to flip the car!”

Thankfully, we were able to obtain a small clip and a few photos of the Kenny Brown Mustang with the mystery DieHard performance battery.


diehard performance battery


More details as we get them. It’s exciting to see DieHard bringing new life back into the brand. We understand that 2017 is also DieHard’s 50th anniversary.


Watch the Kenny Brown Cobra NASA Race Car with DieHard Battery


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