Slime: Bad Weather and Flat Tires Don’t Mix

Slime Time

The recent bomb cyclone storm and record-breaking low temperatures over the Christmas holidays stranded hundreds of motorists and made driving treacherous. It was definitely not the time to have to change a flat tire on the side of the road. However, there is an alternative to having to fix a tire in inclement weather this winter – Slime’s Flat Tire Repair Kit.

slime tire kit refilling tire

Slime’s Flat Tire Repair Kit repairs your emergency flat tire with the push of a button, in just 10 fast minutes. No need to struggle with a spare tire or wait in the cold on the side of a dangerous highway for roadside assistance.

“Trying to change a flat tire on the side of busy road can be dangerous, especially in freezing temperatures,” said Chad Ellman, Director of Marketing. “That’s why we love this Flat Tire Repair Kit – it makes the process quicker and easier, so you can safely get out of the snow, rain, wind or bitter cold temperatures and back on the road!”

The Flat Tire Repair Kit repairs and inflates flats in just one simple step. Turn on the kit and the powerful tire inflator instantly pushes the repair sealant into your tires, sealing punctures and repairing the tire.


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ABOUT Slime Tire Sealant & Accessories®

The first bottles of Slime sealant were blended by hand with a power drill and drywall blade in a garage on the Central Coast of California. In such close proximity to trails and dunes, it didn’t take long for the “green slimy stuff”, as it was often referred to back then, to develop a following. The Slime name stuck, and Slime grew into a worldwide leader in tire care and is now widely distributed in more than 80 countries.