Savy Motorsport Recommends Evans Waterless Engine Coolant

No More Boilover or Corrosion


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What makes Evans Waterless Engine Coolants special?

Well, when water is a liquid, it works great. But sometimes it’ll turn to steam, and then there is no capacity for heat transfer. Evans Waterless Engine Coolant remains a liquid until 375 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well above an engine’s operating temperature. Therefore, there is less vaporization, less loss of performance, and less unnecessary engine damage.

Evans doesn’t boil around the typical engine hotspots—areas near the combustion chamber, such as the cylinder head and cylinder liners. With Evans’ higher boiling point, there is less pressure on the cooling system than there would be with water. And with no water, that means no oxygen, which translates into corrosion, increasing the engine’s life.


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Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. pioneered the first commercial waterless engine coolants and has provided non-aqueous engine coolant products to the marketplace for over 20 years.Evans Cooling Systems has four issued and current U.S. patents for engine coolants as well as additional U.S. patents pending.