Muscle up a Ford Engine with a Mahle PowerPack Piston and Ring Kit


Using the experience developing parts for professional race teams, Mahle designed the PowerPak Kits to free up horsepower by reducing friction and to increase engine life. They feature forged pistons with fully machined crowns, CNC-finished pin bores, and slipper-style skirts treated with Mahle’s GRAFAL coating to reduce drag, piston noise, scuffing, friction, and cylinder bore wear. A dry lubricant phosphate coating in the pin bores and ring grooves helps prevent galling and microwelding during initial engine startup and break-in. Rounding out each kit is a set of 1.0mm-1.0mm-2.0mm low-drag piston rings, steel wristpins, and race-proven round wire locks.

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Summit Racing carries several types of PowerPak piston and ring kits:

PowerPak kits for street performance feature pistons made from 4032 aluminum alloy for tighter cylinder to wall clearances and improved temperature stability.

PowerPak Plus kits are designed for competition use. The kits feature pistons made from low-silicon 2618 aluminum alloy that better resists detonation—ideal for engines running nitrous or other power adders.

Twisted Wedge PowerPak kits are configured for the radical combustion chamber design of Trick Flow Specialties’ Twisted Wedge Cylinder Heads. The pistons are available dished with two valve reliefs or as flat tops.

WISSOTA PowerPak Plus kits are legal for WISSOTA 5.0L/302 ‘B-Concept’ engines. The pistons are laser-etched on the bottom of the pin bosses to prove legality during claim teardowns. These kits come with a 1.5mm-1.5mm-3.0mm ring pack.

Mahle PowerPak Piston and Ring Kits are available for multiple bore and stroke combinations for these engines:

• 1962-2001 260-351W
• Boss 351
• Boss 302 and 352 Cleveland


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