MS3Pro ECU from AMP EFI for Cobra Terminators

Customized Control for Cobras

Made for 2003-04 Ford supercharged Mustang Cobra “Terminator” models, the race-ready MS3Pro Plug and Play ECU from AMP EFI can be installed in under an hour.

MS3Pro ECU from AMP EFI for Cobra Terminators

It can add up to 44 pounds of boost and can also use an external MAP sensor if more is needed.
It is controls the factory dashboard, so stock gauges and warning lights function as they should, and it is CAN-enabled for seamless control of other MegaSquirt or third-party devices.

MS3Pro ECU from AMP EFI for Cobra Terminators

“We are extremely excited to present this out-of-the-box solution for Mustang SVT Cobra Terminators,” said Jerry Hoffmann of AMP EFI. “These special cars were an important step in the evolution of today’s modern muscle machines, and the MS3Pro Plug and Play allows owners to fully enjoy all that their Terminators have to offer.”

MS3Pro ECU from AMP EFI for Cobra Terminators

The MS3Pro (PN: MSPNPPro-EECV-8DM) is specifically calibrated for use with the Cobra’s four-valve Terminator engine, offering full plug-and-play installation with no wiring required for basic functionality. A base map is pre-loaded to help the engine start on the first turn of the key, and real-time tuning and data logging is available with a laptop connection

MS3Pro ECU from AMP EFI for Cobra Terminators
Providing fully tunable engine control and an advanced feature set, MS3Pro Plug and Play allows removal of the stock MAF sensor and includes 16×16 fuel tables for high-resolution tuning, plus 16×16 ignition tables, multiple acceleration enrichment strategies, closed-loop idle speed control and air conditioner control.Eight sequential fuel injector channels and eight sequential ignition channels include individual trim tables, and onboard peak and hold drivers support both high- and low impedance injectors with no external ballast resistor needed.

Each box contains the MS3Pro Plug and Play ECU, RS232 tuning cable, 8GB USB drive including a registered version of TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer as well as hardware documentation and base map, and a vacuum hose for MAP signal and T fitting. Optional extras such as USB to serial adapters are also available.

MSRP is listed at $1349 and the device supports many aftermarket dashes/displays including Racepak, Race Technologies, AiM Technologies, AEM, Dakota Digital, Autosport Labs, Perfect Tuning and more.


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