MGP Caliper Covers

Give Your Brake Calipers a New Look

Redoing your brake system can cost a ton of money and elbow grease. And if you don’t do the job correctly, there can be consequences. Sometimes, you just want a fresh, new look for your ride. That’s where MGP Caliper Covers come in.


MGP Caliper Covers
MGP Caliper Covers
The eye-catching caliper covers provide a viable, foolproof alternative to disassembling your brake calipers and painting or powder-coating them. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, MGP Caliper Covers are lightweight and durable. Their design allows a reduction in brake-caliper temperature, as well as protection from brake dust. You can also customize your caliper covers with different colors, finishes, and logos.


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ABOUT MGP Caliper Covers®

After years of extensive research, San Diego-based MGP Caliper Covers developed a process that used technology from the aerospace and recreation industries for high-performance parts for automotive enthusiasts. MGP Caliper Covers combines state-of-the-art technologies with 30 years of engineering experience to bring you the highest-quality aftermarket parts that are held to OEM standards.