Inside Look at the Space Camper for the Cybertruck


Space Campers is offering an insider’s look at their wedge-style camper for the Tesla Cybertruck and unveils impressive new features and accessories in an explainer video.

In June, Space Campers opened reservations for their base model camper with the following key features:

Seamless installation with no modifications to the Cybertruck required and easy offload.
Full access to the truck bed when open and closed.
Air-powered actuators that open or break down the camper with the flip of a switch.
Keyless entry by integrating with the Cybertruck’s tailgate locking mechanism.
A Murphy-style bed that sleeps two and flips up for 8 feet of standing room.
Compatibility with the Cybertruck’s battery for accessory add-ons and DIY builds.

Tesla has announced full-scale production will begin on the Cybertruck in 2023 and leaks from the gigafactory shows serious progress, driving reservations for the Space Camper. With the success of preorders this year, Space Campers is already looking to scale production and will be able to reduce the price of their stainless steel armor upgrade.

Their newly released explainer video offers clarity on several features and functions. Their full-camp kitchen, bathroom, shower, and rack accessories have been built out with impressive attention to detail and make the most of the Cybertruck’s space. The latest addition to the accessory line-up is a back rack that mounts to the Cybertruck’s trailer hitch to store gear when closed and opens to double as an outdoor kitchen with space for a drop-in sink and cooking surfaces.

The lowest down-payment tier to reserve the Space Camper is now full through 2024. Learn more here.