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Let’s be honest—LS engines have a face only GM could love. That’s why disguising them as a classic Chevy or other GM V8 is so popular, especially for swaps in classic muscle cars, trucks, and hot rods. A set of LS Classic Valve Covers is a great place to start your LS engine facelift.

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The cast aluminum covers do not require adapters—they use the OEM rubber gaskets and bolt directly to the cylinder heads so they look ‘factory’ and are less likely to leak. Lokar also fit a ported PCV fitting/vacuum port and an oil splash baffle to one cover. The valve covers come with factory-appearing load spreaders and all required hardware.

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Valve covers for small block Chevy have the classic finned design and come in a natural cast finish. The ‘LS Classic’ script is removable so you can add your own custom logo.

Valve covers for big block Chevy and 348/409 are scaled down to fit the proportions of an LS engine. They’re available in natural, chrome plated, and orange painted finishes. The big block covers come with vintage-style ‘Chevy Tonawanda’ decals; the 348/409 covers come with ‘409 Turbo Fire’ decals.

Summit Racing also carries other LS Classic engine dress-up including a 14 inch air cleaner kit, a big block Tri-Power air cleaner kit, and a faux distributor and ignition wire kit.


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