GForce Engineering Overhauls Its Axle Lineup

Improved Outlaws and New Renegades

To keep pace with today’s higher-horsepower vehicles, GForce Performance Engineering has overhauled its entire axle lineup for 2019, which includes new Renegade axles and upgraded Outlaw axles.

GForce Engineering Outlaw  Axles

“In today’s climate, we as manufacturers are faced with a lot of challenges, including the rising price of steel,” said Jesse Powell, GForce President. “We have to provide the consumer a better product for their money, that can handle power levels never conceived even 10 years ago.”

Outlaw Axles

GForce’s flagship axles, the Outlaw axles, are CV half-shafts featuring the industry’s largest diameter and strongest axle bars, as well as complete CNC-machined, one-piece billet inner and outer stubs.

The Outlaw axles have been upgraded with polished CVs inside and out, which significantly reduces friction and heat build-up and increases the wear characteristics of the CV. The Outlaw axles also received ARP fasteners and an internal alloy upgrade for increased strength, making the new-edition Outlaw axle the strongest CV possible in a bolt-in application.

GForce Engineering Renegade Axles

Renegade Axles

In the entry-level axles category, GForce Engineering is discontinuing its stock-replacement 850HP (L2) axle and replacing it with the all-new Renegade. The Renegade axles offer similar specs and benefits of the high-end Outlaw line, but at a lower price. (Renegade axles will retail for $1,599, $150 less than what the Outlaw line is listed for). Horsepower escalation has pushed what was intended to be an entry-level axle into serious cars with serious power demands, hence, the need for the tougher Renegade.

GForce Performance Engineering

GForce Performance Engineering

Custom Axles

Are you considering custom axles? GForce Engineering can help you out, starting with this video that has some tips on how to measure for custom axles:

Video | GForce Engineering: Measuring for Custom Axles


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