Fairlane’s Factory Stance & Ride by EATON Detroit Spring

Recapture Your Fairlane’s Factory Stance & Ride


Eaton Detroit Spring Ford Fairlane isolator


Ford Fairlane owners can recapture their vehicle’s factory stance and ride with new suspension components from EATON Detroit Spring. The company provides leaf and coil springs manufactured according to the original factory blueprint using North American–made SAE5160 spring steel.

New to the line are front coil-spring isolators and rear spring top and bottom isolators for 1962-1965 Ford Fairlanes. Both are now available for shipment.

“Our leaf and coil springs are trusted by professional restoration artists and hot-rod builders the world over,” said Mike Eaton of EATON Detroit Spring. “Why? Because we manufacture our leaf springs true to the original blueprint right here in Detroit.”


Eaton Detroit Spring Ford Fairlane isolator


EATON Detroit Spring offers Fairlane suspension parts for 157 year, body-style, and engine-size combinations, available for online ordering. Stock, raised, and lowered ride heights can be selected for most applications, and the pros at EATON will also help choose the proper shocks for every setup, ensuring a smooth ride with the proper stance.

Every spring install also needs fresh attaching parts to finish the job right. EATON supplies bundled installation kits for models including the Ford Fairlane that feature the proper bushings, shackles, U-bolts, and more.

The company’s complete line of replacement and custom leaf and coil springs are designed from the original factory blueprints and are customizable to meet special needs. They are made with SAE 5160 high-alloy spring steel and shot-peened for longer life.

EATON Detroit Spring has been manufacturing springs in Michigan since 1937, with a catalog of more than 150,000 stock applications plus a full custom design staff.


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ABOUT Eaton Detroit Springs®

Since our founding in 1937, EATON Detroit Spring has grown to be the leading manufacturer of springs for the restoration and street rod industries.We are different from all other spring sources, because we actually manufacture springs.

With a library of over 23,000 Original Equipment blueprints and our in-house design and manufacturing teams, we offer what no other spring manufacturer can, the correct spring for your vehicle.