Electric Volkswagen ID.4 EV Preps for Cross-Country Run

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Volkswagen of America is embarking on a drive across the U.S. this weekend with the all-electric Volkswagen id4ev. Starting in New York City on Saturday, a small team is crossing the states on a predominantly southern route and will wrap up the drive in approximately 18 days in Sacramento, California.
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“We’re excited to get on the road and show the true capability of the ID.4,” said Dustin Krause, Director, e-Mobility, Volkswagen of America. “Range anxiety is a thing of the past and this drive is proving that not only is long-distance driving an easy task, but it’s also affordable. Each 2021 ID.4 comes with three years of DC fast charging at each of Electrify America’s 550+ stations across the U.S. at no additional charge.”

The route includes stops in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tucson, San Diego, LA and Sacramento, among other cities. A small team led by Krause will be navigating the cross-country trip and documenting the drive along the way.

The route will include recharging the vehicle at Electrify America charging stations, among other charging opportunities such as at hotels offering ev charging. Electrify America is the nation’s largest open DC fast charging network with more than 550 charging stations and more than 2,400 DC fast chargers, including two cross-country routes to take electric vehicle drivers from Washington, D.C. to LA and Jacksonville to San Diego. To help meet current and future demand, Electrify America continues to expand rapidly, with plans to install or have under development approximately 800 total charging stations with about 3,500 DC fast chargers by December 2021.


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