Eibachtoberfest 2018 Recap

2019 Throwback Meet Coming Up

On a soggy day in October, the headquarters of Eibach in California opened up its doors for the annual Eibachtoberfest to celebrate all things European.

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi cars filled the parking lot and, inside, Eibach provided a no-holds-bar tour of the manufacturing floor that churns out the famous Eibach suspension parts.

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Here are some of the rides that showed on the rainy Eibachtoberfest:

Video | Eibachtoberfest 2018 Recap

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Eibach Throwback Meet

Coming up on January 20, 2019, Eibach has planned a gathering aimed specifically at the Golden Era of the import-enthusiast movement, with its Throwback Meet. Open to all import makes and models, Eibach wants to bring together a good variety of pre-2000 chassis with an emphasis on those from the ’90s.

Eibach Throwback Meet

Eibachtoberfest 2018

Eibachtoberfest 2018

To submit your vehicle for consideration for the Throwback Meet, visit Eibach on Facebook or email throwbackmeet@yahoo.com with a few photos of your vehicles exterior and engine bay. If your submission is accepted, registration is $10 and roll-in info will be provided after the first of the New Year. Eibach says that this event doesn’t require an insane, show-car level build to take part, however, space is limited to around 250 spots, so not every submission will be accepted.


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