Edelbrock Pro-Flo 3 EFI

Why Sequential EFI Beats Throttle Body EFI

Converting carbureted engines to EFI is a becoming more and more popular. The ultimate goal for these conversions is improved performance and gas mileage. But there are two major options when it comes to EFI: Throttle Body or Direct Sequential Fuel injection.

The most common form of EFI are throttle-body-injected units that are essentially modeled after a carburetor. The most power-producing and efficient EFI conversion system uses “sequential” fuel injection, which is used by the Edelbrock Pro-Flow 3 EFI system.

Benefits of Sequential Fuel Injection

How does a sequential port EFI system differ from a throttle-body style EFI system? A fully sequential port EFI system delivers the fuel into the intake air flow right at the port with an injector for each cylinder, allowing for better fuel atomization and distribution. The injectors only fire when the intake valves are opening, enabling the atomized fuel to enter the port without hesitation or “pooling”.

Video depicting how sequential and batch fuel injection differ:


Edelbrock Pro-Flo 3

The Pro-Flo 3 EFI System is a unique combination of both mechanical and electrical systems. Many systems on the market require pretty sophisticated computer skills and use of a personal laptop. But the Edelbrock system is ready to go with a base calibration that automatically adjusts as teh vehicle is driven.

Summary Video from the 2016 SEMA Show:



Edelbrock’s “Traditional Intake” option appears like a conventional single-plane intake with the fuel injectors placed on the runners. This option fits popular V8 engines from GM, Ford and MOPAR. You can select a finish that’s natural “satin” aluminum, polished aluminum or black finish. See this page for the detailed application guide.
edelbrock traditional intake option

Two Styles to Select From

When you convert to EFI you certainly want to show off your upgrade! For certain Chevy and Chrysler applications, the Edelbrock Pro-Flo 3 is available in a more modern EFI intake design. This “XT Intake” is equipped with a new 90mm throttle body and available in the natural aluminum satin finish, polished aluminum or black.
edelbrock xt intake pro-flo 3 option

Easy Installation and Tuning

The Edelbrock Pro-Flo 3 system includes all the mechanical and electrical items needed for a pain-free garage installation. The only complication will be setting up a high pressure fuel system. To help with this, Edelbrock provides both a return-style fuel system or universal EFI fuel sump system. See page 3 of the Owners Manual for more details on the fuel system setup.

Tuning the included “E-Tuner” is really straightforward and self-learning. We also liked how the E-Tuner communicates via Bluetooth wireless. This video gives a quick summary on the E-Tuner in action:


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