Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Battery Tracker

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The Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Battery Tracker connects to your vehicle’s battery and tracks and logs the battery’s data via cell phone app. It offer real-time data and also 31 days of historical data.

Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Battery Tracker

It does more than just warn you if your battery is getting low. The Battery Tracker can monitor the level of parasitic draw on vehicles that aren’t driven often, such as trackday cars or motorcycles, recreational UTVs, boats, or fleets for companies. All you need to do to check the battery is walk within 30 feet to have the battery’s status sent to your phone.

Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Battery Tracker

It also features a Voltage Test, a Cranking Test and a Charging Test.

Voltage Test

The Voltage Test features let you monitor your battery’s current voltage as well as fluctuations and will track this data over 31 days for your review.

Cranking Test

The Cranking Test automatically logs data for each start of your vehicle. It allows you to see if your battery is getting weaker and not staying in a high enough voltage range when the engine is started, which may indicate an aging battery or a low state of charge.

Charging Test

The Charging Test allows you to see if your Alternator is charging the battery and working correctly. The Antigravity Battery Tracker ($35.99) is available in either lead/acid or lithium version. Check out the video to see more capabilities of the Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Battery Tracker:

Video | Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Battery Tracker


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Located in Los Angeles, California, Antigravity Batteries is a company dedicated to building the best in lithium-ion products for the motorsports community. Hand-built in the U.S., Antigravity Batteries has fitments for most motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, watercraft and race vehicles. The name Antigravity Batteries comes from the fact that the lithium-ion make-up of the company's batteries offer up to an 80-percent savings of weight over lead/acid batteries yet offers over two-times the cranking power of a lead-acid battery of the same size. From the multi-award-winning Micro-Start jump-starter to the wide range of lightweight high-power lithium-ion batteries, Antigravity Batteries is the lithium-ion battery specialist.