Air Flow Research Releases The Mongoose for Your LS3

Advanced LS3 Heads

Air Flow Research introduces the 260-cc LS3 “Mongoose” cylinder heads, featuring a 100% CNC-ported intake, exhaust, and chambers using advanced engineering and flow techniques to produce the ultimate rectangle port head available today. The heads have A356 aluminum castings, titanium retainers, and the highest-quality components throughout. They’re designed for 4.000 or larger bore applications up to 454 cubic inches, operating up to 7000 rpm. These cylinder heads are emissions legal for 2008 to 2015 vehicles under CARB #D-250-5.


AFR LS3 Mongoose cylinder heads


What’s Included

– 100% CNC-ported intake ports
– Competition five-angle valve job
– 8-mm bead-lock intake valve, 2.165″ x 5.195″ overall valve length
– 8-mm bead-lock exhaust valve, 1.600″ x 5.200″ overall valve length
– PAC Racing spring hydraulic roller dual-valve spring, 1.270″ O.D., 155 pounds on seat, max. 7000-7200 rpm
– 7-degree titanium retainers, 1.245″ O.D. x .885″ I.D x .655″ I.D.
– 7-degree bead-lock valve keepers
– Viton valve seals, 0.600″ O.D. x 0.495 I.D.
– Hardened valve spring O.D. locator, 1.380″ O.D. x .570″ I.D.
– Ductile iron intake-valve seats, 2.200″ O.D. x 1.750″ I.D. x .375″ deep
– Ductile iron exhaust-valve seats, 1.650″ O.D. x 1.350″ I.D. x .375″ deep
– 8-mm bronze valve guides, .502″ O.D. x 2.550″ O.A.L
– Rocker rail stand

Mongoose head chambers


Specifications and Features
Material A356 Aluminum
Intake Port Volume 260 cc
Intake Port Dimension 2.610″ H x 1.300″ W x 7/16° Radius
Intake Port Location Stock
Exhaust Port Volume 95 cc
Exhaust Port Dimension 1.540″ H x 1.760″ W
Exhaust Port Location Stock
Combustion Chamber Size 69 cc
Valve-Cover Bolt Pattern Center Bolt
Valve Angle 12°
Valve-Spring Pocket Diameter 1.490″ O.D.
Max Valve-Spring Pocket Machining 1.510″ O.D.
Deck Thickness 0.750″
Minimum Bore Diameter 4.000″
Flat Mill: 65-cc Chamber 0.006″ per cc, 62 cc Maximum
Minimum Cross Sectional Area 2.875 sq. in.
Spark Plug Dimensions 14 mm x 0.750″ w/Gasket Seat
Carb EO# D-250-5


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