AEM Flat-Panel Carbon Digital Dash Displays

Slimmer CD-5 and CD-7

AEM has released flat-panel versions of its popular CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Displays, ideal for flush-mount installation or in dash enclosures with tight tolerances.

AEM Flat-Panel Carbon Digital Dash Displays

The new CD Carbon Flat Panel displays include all of the robust features found in the original CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Dashes, but do not have buttons or an LED shade hood built into the enclosure.

What are CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Dashes?

Here’s a video with an overview of the AEM CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Display:

CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Display

Now, the CD-7, along with the smaller CD-5, are available in eight different flat-panel packages.

OVERVIEW CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Digital Dash Displays feature a full-color, daylight readable screens surrounded by a slim, tough, lightweight flow-molded carbon-fiber composite housing. Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housings for RPM and shift light indication. Users can program them to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable on the fixed-color LEDs. A remote-button kit (PN 30-3610, sold separately) easily wires into the CD Carbon wiring harness and allows users to change pages and clear memory. Two additional programmable LEDs are included in the enclosure and are fully programmable.

AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5700F

AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash P/N 30-5700F

VIEW AND LOG DATA FROM OVER 250 CAN-ENABLED DEVICES CD Carbon Dashes receive channels from CAN bus inputs and do not require special modules to read AEM and/or non-AEM CAN signals. They communicate with 45 AEM devices, are in-house tested to work with 159 non-AEM devices, and AEM has DBC CAN files for 52 more non-AEM devices. (Visit AEM’s website to see a complete list of validated non-AEM devices).

AEM CD-5 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5600F-side
Side view of the AEM CD-5 Carbon Flat Panel Dash P/N 30-5600F

LOGGING, TRACK MAPPING, SPEEDO and ODO CAPABILITIES CD Carbon Dashes are available with a 200MB onboard logger (CD-7L/LG), which provides about 24 hours of logging time at up to 1,000 Hz/channel. Individual channel log speeds are adjustable. Creating track maps, viewing/recording lap times and split times, seeing predictive lap times on the display with a live Gain/Loss value, and adding a Speedometer and/or Odometer are all possible with by using a GPS-enabled CD Carbon Dash.

VIEW AND LOG DATA FROM LS CRATE ENGINES. Visit AEM’s website for the Setup Guide with Channels for LS.

AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5700F-kit
The AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash Kit P/N 30-5700F

VIEW AND LOG DATA FROM 2008-UP LATE MODEL STOCK ECUS CD Carbon Digital Dash Displays have the ability to read CAN bus data from the OBDII port of 2008-up vehicles with a simple installation of AEM’s OBDII CAN Adapter Sub Harness (PN 30-2217).

VIEW AND LOG DATA ON VEHICLES WITH CARBURETORS OR PRE-2008 STOCK ECUS AEM’s 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2212) and 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2226) let you get data onto the Dash in a carbureted vehicle or a pre-2008 EFI vehicle using the stock ECU.

AEM CD-5 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5600F
AEM CD-5 Carbon Flat Panel Dash P/N 30-5600F

AEM CD-5 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5600F
AEM CD-5 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5600F

ADD 8 ADDITIONAL TEMP INPUTS WITH AEM’s 8 CHANNEL K-TYPE EGT MODULE AEM’s 8 Channel K-Type Thermocouple EGT CAN Module (PN 30-2224) allows racers and enthusiasts to install eight K-type thermocouple sensors onto their vehicle and transmit all 8 temp channels to a CD Carbon Digital Dash via a one-plug CAN bus connection.

CAN-BASED ACCELEROMETER & GYROSCOPE FOR G-LOADS, ROLL, PITCH AND YAW Racers looking for acceleration forces and vehicle dynamics channels in addition to GPS can purchase a Vehicle Dynamics Module (PN 30-2206). The VDM includes a GPS receiver and antenna, a 3-axis gyroscope for viewing and recording roll, pitch and yaw, and a 3-axis accelerometer for collecting longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration.

AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5700F
AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash P/N 30-5700F

UNLIMITED ALARMS AND WARNING TEXT Put an end to obscure warning LEDs. A powerful alarm editor allows you to create warning alerts and alarms for any incoming channel using customizable text in almost any language. AEM designed a dedicated alarm page that brings your attention to the dash in the event of a potentially catastrophic issue whenever a user definable condition is met.

SEVEN PAGES TOTAL, ALL CUSTOM CONFIGURABLE Users can create fully custom layouts and put whatever they want wherever they want on the screen. Templates include seven total pages: a startup page, four main pages, a unique ‘On-Change’ page, and a dedicated Alarm event page.

FREE DASHDESIGN GRAPHICS EDITOR SOFTWARE DashDesign Screen Editing software is free and unlocked, so you will never pay for additional software features. You can assign incoming channels to the supplied layouts or create your own from scratch, the only limit is your imagination! AEM provides multiple layouts and themes to accommodate most styles and types of racing.

AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash 30-5700F
AEM CD-7 Carbon Flat Panel Dash P/N 30-5700F


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